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The Team

Mike Masiello

Mike Masiello

Starting with the joy of helping mom in the kitchen, Mike’s interest in food developed early on. Having to cook for himself when mom was at work, he began creating his own recipes at a young age. Since then, Mike has earned a culinary certificate, and has been cooking in various higher-end restaurants for over 15 years. He is currently a sous chef at a casino and a talented author here at Tasteful Eats.

Fay DeMarzio

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With over 40 years of cooking and baking experience, Fay is very knowledgeable. From raising kids with frugal budgets to owning a successful restaurant, she has many years of creating a variety of tasty recipes. She enjoys adding her own twist to some of the most well known dishes such as Fettuccine Alfredo, Chicken Noodle Soup, Turkey Potpie, and many, many more. Fay is currently retired and loves to cook and write as one of the talented veteran authors at Tasteful Eats.

Jennifer Parrish

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Like many others, Jennifer also started young by helping out in the kitchen. She has come a long way, learning everything she knows from her wonderful grandmothers, trial and error with her own recipes, and experimenting with ideas from cooking channels! Jennifer has earned two masters degrees, with a strong focus in health and wellness. Her recipes are unique and span multiple cultures, which are not just tasty, but typically very healthy as well. Jennifer is currently working on her career, raising a family, and a talented author at Tasteful Eats.

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