If I were stranded on a desert island and could bring a few things, I would definitely bring my Heuck 11 inch porcelain enamel cast iron pan! Between the pan and the top, it weighs in at a hefty 16 pounds but it is a dynamo in the kitchen!Heuck Pan

It heats evenly, thanks to being heavy duty cast iron, and the raised ridges on the surface leave those beautiful professional looking cross-hatch marks on your steaks, burgers and chicken. The pan measures a whopping 11 inches so there is plenty of room.
The top is not a lid but more like a press as it is very heavy as well, and it is also made of cast iron with the same raised ridges.

I preheat the pan with the top fitted in it so they are both evenly heated when I make crusty and crunchy paninis with this very versatile pan. I’ve used it to go from searing on the stovetop and then it can go straight into the oven for continued cooking and roasting. This pan retains constant even heat for quite some time so food stays at serving temperature. The red porcelain enamel exterior is a beautiful touch for an already awesome multi-functional pan.

Keeping this pan ‘seasoned’ as you would for all your cast iron cookware is a must as cleaning could otherwise require a lot of elbow grease since the top and pan both have where cooked food can stick. ‘Seasoning’ is simply keeping your clean pan lightly coated with a cooking oil and allowing it to seep into the surface for stick-free cooking.

Get yourself a Heuck cast iron pan!
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